Saturday, August 01, 2009

Something to blog about

July has come and gone. Wet, for the most part, and nothing to report in the way of walks. I can never work out why these periods of "inactivity" happen. I think it's a comlex combination of factors.
Last Saturday, however, was definitely the highlight of the month, and something to blog about. Richard Bell, whose online diary I follow assiduously (see links) was leading a workshop on "drawing on reserves". It was one of those days where everything comes together. The event was organised by Kirklees Countryside Unit in the form of the lovely Simon. The location was great, because it was a lovely spot, and the meeting point was right next to the station at Stocksmoor. Best of all, the weather was perfect. Dry, sunny and warm (not hot!). It was lovely to meet Richard. He is just as I'd imagined him from his diary, and although I have to say, I did not come away with lots of fabulous drawings, I did come away feeling inspired to get drawing again, a real pleasure that I have been neglecting since my night classes finished.
On the gardening / wildlife / photography front, things have been a bit sparse. I have been fairly conscientious about my bird feeding station, and that is paying dividends. I have regular visits from a bullfinch, and more recently a greenfinch, which are new to the garden, alongside the usual sparrows, tits, blackbirds, woodpigeon and collared dove, as well as the less welcome magpies (they make a mess of the feeding station and terrorise the other birds). The blackbird pictured, although it looks scary, and seems to have startled the sparrow, is not such a problem. It hoovered up the windfall cherries from our tree, of which there were many.
The garden accelerated a little in June, what with the fine weather, although the recent cool, and very wet July has slowed it down again. Yesterday, I lifted the garlic as they had all fallen over, and put them in the greenhouse to dry, as the ground outside is so cold, wet and heavy at the moment.
I suspect next time I blog, it will be on return from our hols. I'm keeping everything crossed that the weather will improve, so watch this space, and hopefully my flikr for a flurry of fabulous photographs.