Sunday, November 02, 2008

Barnsley and beyond

This title might have been more appropriate for last week. It came from a leaflet I picked up on the no.59 bus on the way back to Royston - a map of Stagecoach bus routes in the area. I managed to pick another day of blue skies, even if it was somewhat colder than last week. Astonishingly, it snowed in the Midlands earlier in the week. This walk took me from Royston to Grimethorpe, via a lot of old tramways and dismantled railways. Shortly after setting off , I was surprised to see what appeared to be a fully functioning colliery, but was unable to figure out which one it was from the map (Lund Hill?). I briefly encountered the Trans Pennine Trail again and this wonderful signpost. Once more, fabulous views, including the small Tuscan hill village of Brierley which I approached through bamboo fields!
I got slightly lost on the way from Brierley to Grimethorpe, but I could see where I should have been, so I'll start at Grimethorpe next time. More pictures on Flikr.

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