Sunday, June 28, 2009

Old Moor again

Yes, I know it's an RSPB reserve, but
when I went yesterday, the insect life was just wonderful! And where would the birds be without them? Apart from that, my bird photos were really not that brilliant. Saw quite a lot of birds, though, mainly black headed gulls, but also great crested grebe, grey heron, greylag goose, canada goose, wigeon, tufted duck, coot, oystercatcher, ringed plover, lapwing, redshank, dunnock, tree sparrow and chaffinch. Quite a few had young, and I was amused to see that coot chicks have orange heads. What's that all about? Seen quite a few jays over recent weeks. One was pretending to be a crow - standing in the middle of the road - and there was one in the garden this morning. Had to go out to stock up on bird food this morning. A family of house sparrows are eating us out of house and home. My local B&Q doesn't do bird food during the hanging basket season, so I had to go up to the garden centre as well. At least our front door which had been numberless since we had a new one installed is now displaying its shiny new number 17 proudly.
Last week I did a little bit of the missing part of the Barnsley boundary walk, but I kept getting lost, it wasn't especially nice, and I had just decided to abandon it for the day when I finally saw a BBW sign. Perhaps I'll try and finish the 2 remaining legs before we go on holiday. They are pretty long and will take a bit of travelling to and from so I should really take advantage of the long days.

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