Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Another splendid day at RSPB Old Moor

I was determined to get out and about today despite the grim weather forecast. When I checked my weather app this morning it wouldn't load - obviously, as it transpired, it was embarrassed at being so horribly wrong. Or beautifully wrong. I set off to Old Moor. It was a glorious day with fantastic light and I was delighted to find that there were lots more dragonflies around today than went we went last week. I was pleased with some of the photos I got - plenty of common darters, and also common hawkers, brown hawkers and migrant hawkers. I say all this with confidence, but it is just bluster as I am still a novice. I'm getting a bit better at birds, but I find those waders really tough to ID - they all look pretty much the same to me. People in hides were bandying around names around like curlew sandpiper, spotted redshank, stint... oh dear! I got talking to 2 guys in the bittern hide who suggested I should join a group and go to meetings and on outings to learn from others. Of course they are right, so now I have the time perhaps I'll investigate the local RSPB group in Sheffield.
Birds that I saw and am more confident to ID included little grebe, great crested grebe, grey herons, lapwings, the ubiquitous coots and moorhens, canada geese, teal, marsh harrier and tufted duck.

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