Saturday, May 05, 2007

How to retire

The current fashion for "How to..." guides has come to my attention, so I thought I would revitalise this neglected blog by trying out this genre.
Firstly, if you find yourself unexpectedly and unwillingly retired, a good strategy is to take some thinking and head-clearing time. I found that a 70 mile walk did the trick.
Secondly, if possible, do it in April. Take the time to explore where you live. Chances are, there will be places not too far away that you may not know. If you are lucky enough to live in or near Sheffield, I can recommend the Round Walk. At this time of year, the bluebells in the woodlands are sensational. You will also see masses of wild garlic, wood anemone, celandine, the vivid green of the trees coming into leaf, and hear and see a huge range of birds - herons, wrens, robins, dippers, kingfishers, grey wagtails, jays, to name a few, and rabbits and more squirrels than you can shake a stick at. I expect that if you are prepared to go early morning or late evening you might see foxes and badgers. Other highlights include an astonishing number of parks, a number of fine caf├ęs, alpaca and rocking horses, rivers, railways, picnic tables and golf courses. What, no fungi? I hear you cry. Of course there are lots of the long-lived brackets - ganoderma, coriolus and piptoporus, and at this time of year, as you might expect, St George's mushrooms. I expect in autumn there will be lots more to see. So please return in Autumn, as I think, will I.

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