Saturday, May 12, 2007

Sheffield Country Walk

Having done the Round Walk, the logical next step is the Country Walk. I travelled from home (north west) to Halfway (south east) on the Supertram. This left me a short walk to the start at Eckington Church. I was lucky enough to have the best weather of the week: quite breezy, but sunny and pleasantly warm out of the wind. This leg mainly follows the Moss valley, and is a very pleasant and easy stroll through woodlands with a bonus of 2 pubs en route (I only stopped at one).The bluebells were just getting past their best, but the blue haze of the massed swathes was still a delight. The wild garlic was in full bloom and the warmer than average spring meant that there were plenty of other things starting to flower: yellow archangel, tufted vetch and herb robert to name a few.

Ther were some fine views across the south of the city from the highest point near Troway.

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