Saturday, September 13, 2008

A new mushroom season!

I've been out mushrooming twice this week; I was interested to see what effect the very wet weather of August had had. On Tuesday, quite a lot of very large Hedgehog fungi at the car park yielded very little once cooked. the woodland edge provided quite a few badius - also quite watery, but delicious. Of other things, only one or two - 2 saffrons, 1 horse mushroom, a slippery jack and a butter mushroom. Yesterday, it was a long time before I found anything, but above the brook quite a few orange birch boletes - enough for tea. Very strangely, there were long stretches of nothing at all, then huge numbers of things - like russulas and deceivers,. It looks like the next few days will be dry and sunny, but their are signs that the weather might turn colder. I'm optimistic of rich pickings and fortunate to have the time to get out to search for them.

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