Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Wet and Windy!

After some fine Indian Summer weather, today was much more autumnal, but I didn't let it deter me. I went to GW again as I'd had an interesting haul last time. The walk I did was 4 sides of a square, and as I approached the third corner, I was mentally composing my blog ... "Zilch .." it was going to say. Then, a lovely large orange birch bolete sprang into view. All was not lost. As I turned the corner I saw a bay bolete, then another. And another. And another... they were mostly small or a bit chewed, but from having had an empty basket, I had quite a respectable collection. On returning home, a hot bath and a slab of home made plum cake were in order. It was a bit wet to get my camera out, so the picture is from my last visit to this location.


Anonymous said...

We'll expect more than a few chewed boletes for a bacon sarnie!!

Anonymous said...

Hi, is there a mushroom walk you would recomend in Sheffield? I am hoping to make Ziggy's walk in Meadowbank on Sunday, seeing as I missed his walk in Grenoside last year. I'm not confident enough to pick and eat more than field mushrooms just yet. Hopefully that will all change tomorrow. Just found your blog, good on you, I like the pictures.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, didn't mean to be impolite on above anonymous entry.