Monday, October 06, 2008

The great annual foray and bacon butty event

Lovely to have company on my most recent foray. The forecast for Saturday was grim, but the reality wasn't quite so bad. We'd expected rain, but in the end it was the cold that did for us. It's not easy picking mushrooms with your gloves on. Once again, there was an unusual distribution. There were a couple of parasols in the pasture on the way up, and lots of meadow waxcaps (butter mushrooms). There were also a number of field mushrooms, but not in the same quantity as we've found in previous years. The big surprise was the lack of nice edible mushrooms along the woodland edge. J. found a wonderful cep, but that was about it. K spotted this stunning Hygrocybe calyptriformis, and there were generally lots of waxcaps. As always, the bacon butties at Grindleford caff, which traditionally round off this event, were an absolute delight.


Nedekcir said...

Thanks for the warning about the mushrooms. I don't have any plans on picking them. Like I said, I'm scared of even touching it.

I can see, you know a lot about mushrooms.

Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Ah, so it's a Hygrocybe calyptriformis! I found some of these near Green moor and couldn't find a match on the internet. thank you for that. I ate a shaggy inkcap the other day found on a verge at Crane Moor, which was delicious. If it's very obvious what it is, I will now try them. I recommend Ziggy's fungal forays with the wild life trust, his walk in Meadowbank nature reserve last week was very informative. I've been out searching in the local ares and most are inedible, eg the common groundball, a green spotty ball under oak trees which is plentiful but unfortunately not for the table. i found a small puff ball, but I'd put it in the same bag as the inedible ones, so i didn't fancy eating it. Ever onwards!