Sunday, May 31, 2009

I can't imagine why I've never walked through Wharncliffe Wood and along the Crags before now. It's not that far from home. Yesterday I finally put that right as I reached leg 9 of the BBW. And what a glorious day for it! Within minutes I heard my first cuckoo of the year and watched a great spotted woodpecker swerve across the path. Butterflies were aplenty, but moving so fast in the heat of the day, that photographing them was impossible. The only half-decent bird photo I managed was a chaffinch with a juicy morsel in its beak, but I did find a nice clump of coprinus micaceus and a pink slime mould. Apparently slime moulds do move, but so slowly that even I could manage a photo. Thank goodness for wild flowers! The bluebells are nearly over now. I'm sure there are a lot more buttercups than usual this year - they look so cheerful, and the foxgloves are just about ready to flower. They always remind me of a brilliant trip to Mid-Wales one flaming June, many years ago now. I chose this cranesbill (cut-leaved, I think) as my blog photo as cranesbills are one of my favorites, both in the wild and in the garden. As usual, there are mor pics on Flikr. I also saw green alkanet, yellow pimpernel, the lovely germander speedwell.
I made a start on leg 10. I was hoping to get as far as Midhopestones, and count the section from there to Langsett as done (completed on one of Rob's walks), so my next leg would be Langsett to Dunford Bridge. Realistically that was never going to happen, so I'll have to fill that gap in a week or 2. Of to Sunderland for work next week, and then a weekend in Edinburgh next weekend.

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